History of the Group

The very first of ‘Al-Haj’ companies was launched at Jumrud Khyber Agency in District Peshawar, NWFP. The operations initially included the import and export of electronic products, clothes and tyres. Later, the Company expanded its business and became the main dealer of Hino Pak by the name of Al-Haj Motors. Late Haji Sakhi Gul Afridi was the founder and first chairman of Al-Haj Group, a visionary person who had the ability to foresee the future and to turn prospective business into accomplished business goals.

The Group is in the process of continuous growth under the able guidance of Mr. Taj Muhammad Afridi, the Managing Director of the Group. The proprietors of Al-Haj Group of Companies have a very close and friendly relationship with Pakistan and Afghanistan’s governments and higher authorities. The Organization has grown into three Strategic Business Units (SBUs), which are working throughout Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and United Arab Emirates. The names of these Units and the companies are mentioned below:

  1. Oil Exploration and Production (E&P)

      Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited (AEPL) initially begun its operations in the E&P sector by winning couple of blocks (Baska-North and Potwar South) in the open biding round 2013 held under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources. AEPL promotes all the E&P activities and is committed to play a positive and productive role in the energy sector of Pakistan to fulfill all the dire needed energy requirements and to minimize the energy crises in Pakistan by sharing its technical expertise and practically to search out the alternatives which may indeed boost the economy of the company and the nation. AEPL exploration team is proactively evaluating exploration and exploitation opportunities within Pakistan with an ultimate aim to sustain long-term production goals and bring value for the businessholders.

  2. Al-Haj Transport and Logistics
    • Al-Haj Enterprises
    • Al-Haj Tankers
    • Adnan Carriage Company
    • Al-Haj Ltd., Afghanistan

  3. Al-Haj Industrial Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
    • Al-Haj Textiles
    • Al-Haj Tires

  4. Al-Haj Faw Motors (Pvt) Ltd.

  5. Al-Haj Metallic Industry